One of our cases treating osteochondroma

combined #orthognathic surgery and #TMJ replacement with custom-made TMJ endoprosthesis during one single surgery. This showcases our pre-surgery planning software MICE advantages because it allows us to plan and communicate  with surgeons  all the steps and outcomes at the same time.

Patient-specific surgical guides for osteotomy / tumor resection

3D printed single-use patient-specific medical devices that help to prevent inaccuracies during surgery and to make pre-surgical plan a reality. Patient-specific surgical guides help a surgeon to precisely carry out the operations.


Facial reconstruction implants

TMJ Endoprosthesis

Cranial Implants

Acetabular Implants

Surgical guides for orthognathic surgery

surgical guides for osteotomy / tumor resection

AI-powered pre-surgery planning software MICE

MICE is a cutting-edge 3D pre-surgical planning AI-powered software that offers royalty-free user access through a web browser. Initially designed exclusively for pre-surgical planning for patient-specific implants, the software has evolved into a versatile tool for surgeon-manufacturer communication and co-creation. This transformation is facilitated by MICE’s built-in clinical data, clinical data management, and advanced AI/ML functionality.

One of the key features of MICE is its ability to facilitate pre-surgical planning for both standard implants and patient-specific implants. Surgeons can also utilize patient-specific surgical guides, with the software enabling them to configure designs and establish complete kit requirements.

The software’s universal functionality extends across various surgical goals within orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery, and cranio-maxillofacial surgery. MICE achieves this through a comprehensive library of 3D functions, encompassing different modules that simulate surgical technical skills. These modules are not only useful in pre-surgical planning but are also applicable in the operating room, providing a seamless transition between planning and execution.

A notable aspect of MICE is its integration of AI capabilities. The software is AI-powered, with automatic 3D reconstruction being one of its standout features. This functionality streamlines the pre-surgical planning process by automating the reconstruction of 3D models from CT scan data. Additionally, MICE employs AI to automatically add cephalometric landmarks, enhancing precision and efficiency in surgical decision-making.

In the future, MICE aims to evolve into an autonomous Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) based on good clinical practice. This transformation will further empower surgeons by providing intelligent, data-driven insights and recommendations, aligning with the highest standards of clinical care.

Navigating Diverse Medical Landscapes:
Our Commitment to Precision in Exporting Patient-Specific Implants

Made locally exported globally

Our company is actively producing and exporting patient-specific implants to Spain, Saudi Arabia, Estonia, Lithuania, Greece, Romania, Brazil, Mexico, Hungary, Bulgaria, Czechia, and Moldova, contributing to advancing healthcare solutions globally. Our commitment to quality and precision aligns seamlessly with the diverse medical landscapes of these nations, fostering collaborative partnerships and ensuring the delivery of cutting-edge medical technology to meet the unique needs of each market.

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