Patient-specific maxillofacial reconstruction implants

Patient-specific maxillofacial reconstruction implants

In clinical practice for maxillofacial reconstruction, bone grafts, bone cement and standard implants (meshes, plates and screws, augments) used are traditionally shaped manually (bent and cut), either preoperatively or intraoperatively. However, with these materials, it is difficult to restore the aesthetic of the face and evenly fill the defects, which may lead to irregular healing of the bone and unsatisfying aesthetic results. Patient-specific maxillofacial reconstructive implants solve these problems. Therefore, in case of large maxillofacial defects and in order to restore the patient’s aesthetic and decrease the risk of infections and other complications, it is recommended to use patient-specific maxillofacial reconstruction implants that are manufactured individually for each patient with regard to the patient’s anatomy, pathology and the requirements for the design of the implant defined by the surgeon.

Patient-specific maxillofacial reconstruction implants are manufactured individually for each patient with regard to the patient’s anatomy, pathology and the requirements of the treating surgeon for the design, fixation solutions and materials used. They are designed on a personalized maxillofacial anatomical model that is recreated from computer tomography scan images. Therefore, a patient-specific implant suits the patient’s anatomy perfectly and evenly fills the defects thus aesthetically restoring the maxillofacial morphology and symmetry, and occlusion (if applicable), and using patient-specific surgical guides ensures accuracy of implant positioning and insertion. If requested, maxillofacial reconstruction implants can be designed to be used for flap reconstruction surgeries (e.g. mandibular reconstruction using fibula / iliac flap).

manufacturing and composition

Composition of Ortho Baltic patient-specific facial reconstruction impants package


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